Self-Help Literature is an indispensable, on-site, and web-based booklet ministry resource to promote outreach.  Each of the booklet titles available are written from a Christian perspective and addresses a variety of topics.  Explore all five topical categories to increase your daily Christian life.

Check out the Children’s titles too!

Basics of Christianity from Biblical, theological, and historical perspectives.  Titles include but not limited to:

A Treasure Revealed

Live the Six

The Truth About Angels

What Happens When I Die?

Understand the different demographics, cultures, and religions in our world today.  Titles include but not limited to:

Mormons:  Who They Are, What They Believe

Thoughts about the good and bad that life throws your way.  Titles include but not limited to:

Forgiveness Is a Choice

Hope and Healing

Managing Your Money

Parents of Prodigals

Personal evangelism and tools to reach others with the Gospel.  Titles include but not limited to:

First-Class Faith Sharing

How to Talk About Your Faith

My Digital Voice

Children’s Booklets

Anyone can use these fun and colorful booklets to discuss prayer, how to share their faith, and more – each in a way kids will understand and remember.  Titles include but not limited to:

Do You Know Who Jesus Is?

Learning to Pray

Let’s Be Disciples

The Bible Tells Me So