Daily Outreach Devotions


It was an honor for me to serve the Lord and our congregation on Trinity Sunday. I hope the service was meaningful and a blessing to you and your family. Please find attached a copy of Sunday’s Sermon, may you be blessed with the Lord’s words.  Joe Fisher, Elder


A. Katherine Hankey was born in time of great turmoil in England. William Wilberforce was moving to eradicate slavery in the British Empire and Katherine’s father was an ardent abolitionist. Katherine’s passion was to spread the Gospel to those in need and support foreign missions. She devoted all proceeds of her writing to that cause. One of her poems, The Old, Old Story, contained 100 stanzas! First one hymnist, and then another, set parts of it to music and “I Love to Tell the Story” has been treasured for over 150 years. Gloria Gaither calls it her favorite hymn of all time.


The Weekly Word

Our God offers us grace (blessings we don’t deserve) and mercy (withholding the judgement we do deserve); He is the God of second chances! There is a long list of people in the Bible who exemplify God’s grace and mercy: Moses, a murderer chosen by God to lead His people out of slavery; David, an adulterer who became a man after God’s own heart; Jonah, a rebellious prophet who saved the people of Ninevah; Paul, a persecuting Pharisee who wrote much of the New Testament; and Peter, who, after disowning Jesus, became the lead Apostle.


From the President’s Desk

The Voters Assembly meeting on Sunday, May 26, 2024 unanimously approved the proposed “5 Year Plan” for the future ministry of ORLC. The key elements of the plan are listed below:

Friday Fast Food

If you’re in your 60’s or beyond you may remember the TV personality Clerow “Flip” Wilson Jr. (1933-1998), an African-American comedian and actor who from 1970-1974 hosted The Flip Wilson TV Show. He played various characters in his comedy sketches including his most popular “Gerladine”. The series earned Wilson  a Golden Globe and two Emmy Awards. When he played the character Geraldine he used two lines that became national catchphrases: “What you see is what you get” and “The Devil made me do it!” The latter is a line that got many laughs but which also bears Biblical truth. Wilson meant it in a humorous way but the Holy Scriptures take it very seriously. 


A Saturday Psalm

Psalm 130 is a part of a group of psalms (120-134) called Psalms of Ascents. The Jews traveling to Jerusalem sang these songs as they went up to the city for the great Jewish festivals. These songs not only were for worship as they walked, but also helped prepare their hearts for the corporate worship they would engage in at the Temple. This Psalm of Ascents takes us from the depths of guilt and despair to the heights of joyous hope in the Lord. It tells us that no matter how great your guilt and despair, you can cry out to God for forgiveness, knowing that He delights in redeeming His children. As Christians, our corporate worship is the Lord’s Supper, communing with Jesus Christ. As we prepare ourselves, we should be aware of our great need for forgiveness so that we join in with thankful, reverent hearts to our gracious God who sent His Son to pay the penalty for our sins. God’s endless mercy and unchanging love is the essence of who He is. God meets us in the depth of our pain, and accompanies us through it, sharing in our suffering and leading us toward the light of His redemption. Praise God!

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